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Above is a Power Point that gives basic background information on Emily Dickinson's life. Research Emily Dickinson's life further and post some of your findings here. Be sure to link to your sources. The source for the information within the Power Point above is your blue textbook, Adventures in American Literature, HBJ 1989.

Biographical Component

One of the principle methods of analyzing an author’s work is the biographical-historical method in which a student analyzes a work by researching an author’s life and time period to find various elements that have influenced the text at hand. Start by viewing the Power Point above which provides very basic information about Dickinson’s life and times and will help give you some things to search for as your research. Post a response that includes a link to your source and some ways in which you see the research influencing your chosen Dickinson poem. In addition, look for the post of a member of a different collaborative group. After reading his or her information, reply to it by explaining how it also influences your chosen Dickinson poem.

Possible Score

Validity of Source(s)
Analysis of Poem
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