Above is a teacher's interpretation of the poem we have studied together, "Because I Could not Stop for Death." One part of your assignment is to create this kind of visual interpretation and post it here. Another part of your assignment is to comment on the videos of others. Be sure to keep your comments appropriate.

One method of interpreting a work is to focus on the dominant imagery to arrive at a motif. This motif will often lead the reader to a possible theme of the text at hand. To arrive at a motif and consider the depth of imagery throughout your chosen Dickinson poem, create a video using Photo Story to post on the Wiki Page that is a simple reading of the poem that connects to images as they are read. You may want to work with Audacity to help you achieve the timing for your slideshow, but it can also be done in Photo Story. In addition to your video, comment on the video of another student. Keep your comments appropriate, please.

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